Chinese Literacy Campaign

This story was told by my high school teacher in class.

When China was founded in 1949, China has 500 million people, and there were 80% illiteracy and only 20% school-age children. China soon reformed the old education system and teaching organization. The government has reclaimed the right to education and renovated more than 300,000 primary and secondary schools across the country. After that, the general public can finally send their children to elementary school. Literacy efforts aimed at changing the status of more than 400 million illiterates among the 600 million people were launched at the same time.

a woman teaches at home

In 1952, the “Literacy Campaign” began in China. After the Fourth Literacy Campaign, the illiteracy rate of people over the age of 15 dropped from 80% at the initial stage to 52%. In 1977, the system of nationally unified college entrance examination was resumed. This system has played an extremely effective role in selecting talents for the country. Promoted the circulation of social classes at the time.

My high school teacher said, if without the four literacy campaigns, the entrance exam will not be re-started. China’s development will not be that fast now.

At present, education in China can sum up “what to test, what to teach and what to learn” in 3 questions. In fact, this is generally the case abroad such like United State. Teaching around the exam, and the test standard is the fundamental obstacle to teaching reform, the basic foreign test standards by the ETS, ACT development. Examination of the proposition of a dedicated staff, you can systematically study how to assess the ability of students of different ages.

The fundamental education is for the foundation of a country’s strength and prosperity in the future. With the change of times, we have bid farewell to the civilization of thousands of years ago. It is particularly important that modern education is very important, even to the future of a country or even of mankind. My feeling is that a country wants a strong, literacy skills are essential. In China there is such a sentence. Knowledge alters your fate.

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