About Math

I still remember that I was full of confidence in mathematics at the beginning of this semester. At the beginning, we were still learning a simple equation calculation, and the equation has no difficulty for me. At that time, I thought I was Will in “Good Will Hunting” and I will solved the problem easily.

However, we have gradually learned about matrices and linear algebra, something I have never learned. It was a dark period for me, and I wanted to drop this lesson every day. I want to get help from sponsors, just as Will got the help of Professor Sean and Professor Lambeau.

Fortunately, I quickly met my math sponsor. I called her Liu, who is really good at math. She is one of my Chinese friend and she is senior student in mathematics.

The biggest difficulty I have in mathematics is that I can not understand the meaning of some professional terms, which often makes me unable to understand even the subject. When I first heard the linear matrix, I was scared. I can understand linearity and matrices, but when they merge together, they become something I do not understand. I never thought that I would solve a math problem as a reading.

In order to solve the problem that I can not understand literacy, Liu found a lot of math reading to me. My goal is to correctly analyze the meaning of each math problem.

For example:

Kane Manufacturing has a division that produces two models of hibachis, model A and model B. To produce each model A hibachi requires 6 lb of cast iron and 12 min of labor. To produce each model B hibachi requires 7 lb of cast iron and 6 min of labor. The profit for each model A hibachi is $7, and the profit for each model B hibachi is $6.50. If 2200 lb of cast iron and 40 labor-hours are available for the production of hibachis each week, how many hibachis of each model should the division produce each week to maximize Kane’s profit?

model A    ?  hibachis

model B    ?  hibachis

What is the largest profit the company can realize?

I need to analyze which ones are A’s and which ones’s B’s, and put them together. Although literacy limited my math from the very beginning, the process of overcoming it was fun.

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