Reflect Read and Write

Reflect on how you have developed as a reader and/or writer. Be specific in your explanation.



In this semester, I read “the Writing on the Wall”, “Mother Tongue”, “The Sponsors of Literacy”, “learning to read” and “How to Tame a Wild Tough”. All of these article are talk about the read and write. Based on these article, I learned the different way to study read and write for different people. And by reading these articles, my literacy skills have improved.At the beginning, I spent a lot of time reading the first article “the write and read.” I have a lot of unclear words and sentence structures. The language differences make it hard for me to understand correctly what the author wants to express. But when I read more, I found out that my speed got faster. I can quickly find the article’s focus by marking important words and sentences. I learned to take notes such as key point and summary in the margin. These way improve my reading speed and quality.


Before take Eng100 class, I wrote the essay is write down what I think immediately. Usually my article will look messy, and I will also write something that does not fit this article. By study the form of essay, I can follow the form to avoid problems. They say/I say help me a lot. I know hook, thesis, argument article structure. I will clearly distinguish the introduction, conclusion and three body paragraph. Of course, a lot of reading also made me writing progress. I sometimes refer to the articles I read, using the sentence structure in the article in my own article. But I use the sentence structure more often in the book, they are simple and rarely go wrong. I feel my writing still can improve a lot. I will also continue to improve my writing and reading skills in next semester.

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