the Writing on the Wall

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In the article “the writing on the wall,” The author says many different things about his subject. First, he made a few questions about graffiti and answer it though his own experience. Then he makes the point that introduction graffiti in his own experience. In addition, he uses an example which is he and his wife went to Mexico to learn about the fusion of graffiti art with Mexican history. Before he went to Mexico, he had always believed that Mexico was not as peaceful and violent as he often saw from the news. However, when he went to Mexico, he found that Mexico was not what he imagined.


“As we wandered around the city we noticed slogans scrawled and spray-painted on the walls and sidewalks, and saw more elaborate stenciled graffiti and artwork painted and plastered on the walls of stores, restaurants, and historic monuments and buildings.” I was surprised because according to the author’s previous description, Mexico was not very peaceful at that time, but why Mexico’s graffiti was unaffected.

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This article is really hard to read for me because I can’t understand some words about graffiti.  When author talk about his experience in the Mexico, I must guess what he talks about. Perhaps it’s because I do not understand Mexico. Moreover, the author changed his opinion of Mexico after going to Mexico. I am deeply touched by this. Before I came to the United States, I thought the United States was full of danger. Because I can always see social software in various terrorist attacks and shootings in the United States. But when I came to the United States, I noticed that terrorist attacks and shootings were not what I expected. The United States is, to some extent, even more secure than my own country.

After reading this article, I found that we can not define something we do not understand. It is like literacy. No one can correctly explain what he does not know. Therefore, we should make our own opinions after fully understanding.


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