Write Place

If I can choose one of the most wanted places to learn, I will not hesitate to choose the library. But I did not expect that universities in the United States, libraries have such a surprising place, that is Write Place.

Write Place at UD

UD official website is introduced Write Place in this way: In order to help students improve their writing, consultants:

  • Address global concerns before sentence-level concerns.
  • Do not proofread papers.
  • Help students understand their writing assignments.
  • Engage the student in a conversation about his or her writing.
  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the student’s writing.

Staffed by exceptionally talented students from a variety of disciplines, the Write Place can assist with a wide range of writing challenges such as:

  • First-year student’s English 100 assignments.
  • International student’s mastery of English idioms.
  • Upper-level student’s research papers.
  • Student’s applications to graduate schools.

I’m excited because I included First-year student’s English 100 assignments and
International student’s mastery of English idioms. As we all know, although the international students have the English foundation, the words and sentences are not localized. It is usually happened for locals not to understand the English spoken by international students. I think Write Place will be my perfect sponsor. Write place can help my English writing and literacy more American.

This semester I have two classes with the help of Write Place. One is ENG100, one is UDI. Normally, my ENG100 needs a write place to provide pre-writing guidance and post-completion syntax changes. I thought the grammar changes would be more suitable for me, because my grammar is not local. I can not check the grammar details during writing. However, after a part of time, I found writing guidelines more useful for me. My English writing in the China is completely different from writing in the United States. They have different formats and different requirements. Write place helped me a lot during this semester. As my UDI professor Ya said, is there a question about literacy? Go to write place!

works cited: https://www.udayton.edu/ltc/writeplace/index.php

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